Creating A Vintage Bathroom

Want to add some vintage charm to your bathroom? Here are a few ways in which you can transform your bathroom with some classy period décor.  

Creating A Vintage Bathroom

Splash out on a freestanding tub

A freestanding tub is a piece de resistance in any vintage bathroom. These tubs come in all shapes and sizes from white ceramic slipper tubs to Victorian-style copper tubs. The finest (and most expensive) may even have gold or silver taps. Not every bathroom will have a reasonable space for one of these tubs. You also need to budget for the plumbing costs and delivery costs that are associated with fitting a new bath.

Use more wood and wicker

Synthetic materials will ruin the look of your vintage bathroom. Instead, opt for wood and wicker for a more traditional look. The likes of these Amish baskets could be ideal for placing laundry or dirty towels in. You could also consider extra accessories such as wooden towel rails or a wooden toilet seat.

Opt for blacks and greys

Modern bathrooms tend to be exclusively white. For a vintage feel, consider adding in some touches of black and grey. A half black/half grey wall separated by some chair rail molding can be a particularly vintage touch. You could even go as far as to embrace chessboard tile flooring.

Switch up your light fitting

It could also be worth upgrading your light fitting. There are lots of cool vintage styles that can work well in a bathroom, each creating its own vibe. Pendant lighting could be one option for a dimly lit moody feel. You could also opt for an industrial style oversized light bulb for a more rustic touch. Then there’s the more extravagant option, which is to fit a crystal chandelier. Consider what will match your bathroom décor the most.

Frame your mirror

Bathroom mirrors are now typically frameless, but in the past, they had ornate metal frames. There are plenty of these used frames online. There are also brand new mock vintage mirror frames that you could opt for if you’d prefer something with a modern shine.

Add some bathroom plants

There’s also something oddly vintage about adding plants to a bathroom. This requires you to have enough natural light pouring in, which not all bathrooms have. Plants such as peace lily and Boston fern often thrive in the dimly-lit and humid conditions of a bathroom and can be great options. Consider placing these plants in ornate vases or pots to add to the tone of the room. 

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