How your home reflects your personality!

Every single person on this planet is unique. Not one person thinks the same or acts the same. Some people might look similar and have similar interests, but each and every individual differs from the next. It’s quite crazy that the variety is so vast, given that trillions of human beings have come and gone over the years, but that’s the world that we live in. Even today, you’ve gone through a chain of events and thought patterns that no other human being has ever done – that uniqueness means you have a completely original way of living and doing things.

This kind of singleness extends into the things we own, too. Everyone has a different idea of what looks good, and most of the time, there is no right answer. What looks good in terms of the way we dress is subjective; so is the way we customize a car. The way we view pieces of artwork in a museum is another example. That slight change in the way each of us is wired makes a big difference to our tastes and our overall personalities.

A hugely significant part of our lives are the houses that hold us. If we stay at a particular home for a while; we often get very attached to it. It becomes more than just a few walls and a couple of ceilings. A home is just another example of something that we can personalize and view differently – but on a much grander scale, given its importance to each and every one of us.

A home, over time, starts to become a large, visual representation of what’s going on in our minds. If you analyze everything enough, you’ll almost be able to figure out what a person is really like based on the way their house looks and how they treat everything in it. It’s strange to think that something like this can happen, but it’s true. A person places a lot of importance and reliance on their abode, so little clues will be hanging around left, right, and centre for you to figure out!

We won’t sit here and make you play detective, but if you’re interested in knowing about how each facet of a house describes someone, and what your home says about you, then read on!     

The Shape And Size

Obviously, if you’ve got quite the wealthy bank balance, then you’re probably going to spend a little money on a larger and more luxurious home. Likewise, if you earn a more modest income, then a more modest home is likely to be your destination. But what about if you get to choose the type of house you’ll live in regardless of how much you have in your pocket? The shape and size can really show people what kind of person you are.

If you’re more of an insular character that doesn’t really like to steal the show, then you’re probably going to choose something that doesn’t stand out. Perhaps a home on the end of a road that is semi detached. On the flip side, you’ll probably choose something that’s completely unique, or located slap back in the heart of a certain area if you’re more of a confident person/family.     


Now, a driveway is not typically something that many will put heaps of effort into. They’ll obviously want it to look pretty and welcoming, but it won’t be maintained too much by whoever owns it. If you do put a lot of effort into the drive, then it shows that you like to focus on every bit of detail. It displays a hardworking attitude towards your home, and it gives off the impression that you always want everything looking spick and span.

In terms of the way the drive looks in the first place, you can judge a person’s character based on the design. If they choose just a plain and safe tarmac driveway, then they’re probably someone that likes to keep things neat – nothing outlandish. What if there’s a nice brick design? Well, that person probably has no problem in being the standout house on the block.

The Front Door And Surrounding Area

In terms of first impressions, we’ve talked about the type of house and the driveway that leads you up to the house. We’re now at the front door. When you have home doors that are fairly grand and outlandish, then that says a lot about how you’d like to greet someone that turns up at the front of your house. You care about how they feel in regards to your home and want them to be comfortable with where they’re stood. If you have plants and ornaments around the front door, then that only emphasizes this welcoming personality.

The Colours We Choose

Colours play a big part in somebody’s personal choices. Everyone has a favourite colour or a favourite group of colours. You might not have that one perfect one, but when you set out to buy clothes, a car, or anything like that, you always envision something immediately. If you’re comfortable with wearing somewhat outlandish colours when you head out into the town, then the chances are that you’re quite a confident character that doesn’t mind getting a few eyeballs. If you’re not quite as confident, then you’ll probably stick to something safer.

This applies to your home (in terms of the exterior and the interior). If again, you aren’t as loud as others, you’ll probably want to stick to a traditional brick house. More confident individuals would probably be cool with any brick colour.

The interior is where things get a little more detailed, however. You have the choice of whatever colour you like, so you can decorate your home in whatever paint or wallpaper you see fit. White, beige, tan and other fairly ‘boring’ colours are what people like to use when they aren’t too sure about what they want. Those with a little more conviction will be a little more expressive with their choice.

The Layout  

Some people like to have everything absolutely perfect. They like to make sure everything is completely organized. They like to have everything at a perfect right angle, and that everything is slotted into place – like that of a Tetris game. If you’re this way inclined, then you’re probably a pretty drilled person in other areas of your life. You probably keep to a good routine, and you probably have things planned out in advance. The idea of going through life without a structure isn’t appealing to you.

We’re not suggesting that if you don’t have everything aligned and kept in a fashion akin to that of an OCD sufferer, then you’re not together as an overall human. You probably are a lot more laid back in other aspects of your life, though.    

Accessories And Little Additions

Pretty much everyone has a degree of accessories and decorative items around their home. A person’s place would be pretty eerie if it were just vacant and bare. The details, however, separate people. Someone that wants to place a lot of different items around their home probably has no problem in showing guests their creative side. They’re caking the entire place in stuff, so they’re likely trying to show everyone just how pretty they can make it.   

Any Spare Rooms We Might Have

What a person does with a spare room tells quite a significant story about a person. Not always, we should probably add – but a lot of the time. For example, if a spare room is kept tidy, even when it has been vacant for a while, that means the person has put in consistent effort to keep everything in there looking nice. They don’t have to do that, but they choose to. That kind of behaviour shows, again, that they have a pretty high work ethic. If someone just throws any old item in there, then it shows that things that aren’t top of their priorities list aren’t to be focused on just yet!

The Way The Garden Is Treated

If you like a fresh and clear garden, then you probably also like to sit and have a moment’s peace every now and again. A garden is perfect for relaxing and taking in the outside world, and if you have that handled, then you’re good to go. Those with a clutter garden area may also enjoy chilling out in the area, but they don’t value that sense of bliss anywhere near as much.   

Whether You’ve Extended Or Converted

It takes a little courage to go through with a big commitment like an extension of a conversion. In terms of the overall design, and in terms of the financial hit you’ll take. If you’re more of a safer person, then this kind of thing wouldn’t appeal to you in the slightest. A more daring and ambitious person would absolutely welcome this kind of change, however.

The Security

You’ve got your head screwed on properly if you have enough security around your house. You’re by no means naïve if you have very limited (or no) security measures in place, but it shows that you’re a pretty laid back soul. Criminals can strike at any time, so if you’re cool with zero cameras or alarms, then more power to you.

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