How to get max list price for your home!


7 Sure Fire Ways To Increase The Value Of Your HomeIf you are keen to move house and climb up the next rung of the housing ladder, the chances are that you want to sell for the maximum price possible. Yes, listing at a more modest price will see you sell quickly, but what is the point if you don’t make enough profit on your bricks and mortar to facilitate your next move. You need to employ a proactive strategy to maximize the listing price of your home. Don’t just pluck a figure out of thin air and refuse to budge until you get the price you want. You need to actively make your property worth the money that you need. Take a look at this essential guide to maximizing the list price of your home.

Kitchens And Bathrooms

The old adage that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses is as true today as it was twenty years ago. If you have a gander in your kitchen only to see scuffed units, missing handles and a lack of modernity, you need to change something. No potential buyer will pay top price for your pad if they need to install a new kitchen after moving in. You don’t have to fit a swanky new kitchen, but you do need to create the illusion of sleekness and modernity. Change up the doors, respray them, change the splashbacks and add an integrated oven. These simple tweaks can revolutionize the look of a kitchen for a modest three figure sum.

Your bathroom needs a clean white suite. If yours is pink or avocado, you need to change it. Clean up the grout, put down some new cheap lino and swap the strip lighting for LED spotlights. Doing this will add a touch of freshness to your bathroom, which appeals to buyers.


If you have a mish mash of colors in your home, consider getting a decent white paint and creating a blank canvas for your potential buyers. White walls allow the natural light that you do have to bounce across rooms. You won’t have to worry about any viewing going poorly because they don’t like your damson walls in the dining room or the mint green feature wall in the living room. Buyers are fickle, and they will only want to part with their cash for a property that they can see themselves living in. With white walls, they are free to do what they will with the decor in your home.

Make It Easy

To maximize your list price, consider throwing in a few incentives. Offer to pay for the buyers’ mortgage application fee or agree to contribute towards their movers fees. Incentivizing could be just enough to push them to buy. If you are chain free, or you are keen to move quickly, buyers are more eager to put in an offer. Listing your property for too high a price is a mistake, but by listing with the right real estate agent and being open to advice and offers, you can sell quickly and well.

Selling your humble abode is an emotional time, but if you’re keen to move onto pastures new with as much money as possible, follow this guide and maximize your list price.

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