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Daily Habits of a Six Figure Earner

I’ve followed some of the most successful marketers for over ten years.  I read their books, listen to their podcasts and follow them daily on social media.  One thing I learned is that they all follow a similar daily routine.  Basic daily activities that lead to massive success.  So I’ve outlined the Daily Habits of a Six Figure Earner in this post.  

  • Make a LIST of prospects
  • Keep track of daily activities in a google doc spreadsheet.  
  • Get up early, time block and get a consistent daily routine
  • Be a Product of your Product or Service.  Take the supplements & use the products you sell on a daily basis.  If you sell a service, demonstrate how your service helps you and others reach their goals.  
  • Drink 70 oz. of water everyday
  • Eat Clean-stay away from processed foods, sugar and carbohydrates, work with a foodservice
    • I also like SunBasket, HelloFresh, MarleySpoon, HomeChef, Butcher Box
  • Workout 20-30 minutes per day, aim for 10,000 steps (there is a health app in your iphone that will track your steps, as long as you have your phone on and with you during the day)  Exercise gets your endorphins cranking and helps you stay energized and focused. You can’t help others if you aren’t taking care of yourself first! 
  • Read or watch 20 minutes of Personal Development

         Tony Robbins, Eric Worre-Go Pro, Gary Vaynerchuk, TED Talks, Oprah, Wayne Dyer, Tim Ferriss

  • Add 5-10 new contacts on social media daily (facebook, snapchat, twitter, linkedin)
  • Like, Comment or Share at least 10 posts per day
  • Post 3-5 times per day on social media.  
  • 80/20 Rule-keep 80% of your posts personal and positive (think inspirational, recipes, funny videos, lifestyle, quotes, selfies, facebook live videos get the most views) and 20% business (product pictures, entrepreneurship, building wealth, online shopping club, ecommerce, online business, working from home, extra income, getting out of debt)
  • Share your business with a minimum of 5 new people per day.  The more people you help, the more success you will have!
  • Follow up with at least 5 prospects per day.  Check in with them, ask them how things are going, share an update, a video, a success story, a product you love.  Stay interested and engaged. It takes up to 12 touches before someone will actually move forward as a customer



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