TOP 5 Places to Live Abroad

When you think about your family’s future, you want the best for them. Whether that’s being financially stable, getting your kids the best education possible, giving them opportunities to travel, giving them something you never had and ultimately making sure they are safe and happy. Sometimes, what you’re looking for and what’s best for your family may not be on your doorstep, and you might have to go further afield. Also, situations change, and it could be that while your kids are young, you could live life a certain way, and in a few years that could change completely, so it’s essential to look at all the options. One of the possibilities that could give you more job opportunities, better weather, a better quality of life and better education could be moving abroad. 

Moving overseas is a big deal for anyone, but if you have a family in tow, it is even harder as there is so much more to consider. There are loads of families who have made the jump and gone to another country, be it for a few years or they have decided to stay for the rest of their lives. If you are considering a move, but you don’t know where you would go, then have a look at some of these options which are very popular with expat families and could be just what you’re looking for. 


Austria is not only a beautiful country, but it is also desirable to many parents for its childcare and education offering. The education system in Austria is one of the world’s best, and not only that but all children have an equal right to free education. They also get free transportation to and from school, and free textbooks are provided. Then there’s also the low crime rate, the generous support for families from the government, affordable healthcare plus plenty of outdoor activities, especially skiing.


Sweden is a country filled with plenty of green spaces, outdoor living and winters nowhere near as long and miserable as you’d think. It is an ideal country to raise a family, and the Swedes enjoy a great work-life balance, good quality healthcare, education and housing. A healthy lifestyle is one of the main attractions to Sweden’s as well as the fact that it’s a highly child-friendly destination, and the country’s policies are known to provide support to families. There is also a strong sense of gender equality in Sweden, and fathers are expected to do their share when it comes to raising their kids. 


In Singapore, there are excellent career and social opportunities as well as world-class education and standards of living. There is also a low rate of crime in Singapore. This means that Singapore is a very safe country to live in as well as offering excellent education. In Singapore, the public schooling system provides a high standard of education, which is also affordable. If you’re looking to move, there are options for buying a place if you think you’ll be there for a long time as the resale hbd price can be very appealing to people wanting to buy. 


It might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think about moving abroad, but the availability of childcare, as well as the well-being of children in Israel, receives very positive rankings from expats. According to an article from the Business Insider, around 80% of parents are satisfied with the education options in Israel and how affordable they are. Daycare is almost entirely state-supported from the age of three, and there are daycares on nearly every block, making childcare inexpensive and very accessible. The food is also fantastic, with fresh vegetables, rich dairy, the herbs are abundant and vibrant, and every neighbourhood boasts its own bakery and fresh bread, which is affordable. Cafes are not just for coffee, but you’ll find freshly chopped salad, ready-made omelets and freshly squeezed juice too.

New Zealand

Expats in New Zealand say they don’t find it hard to get used to the local culture, it’s a friendly country and New Zealand’s schooling system is similar to the UK’s. Children start school at the age of five and continue in compulsory education until 16. The quality of schooling is excellent, and the country regularly places in the top ten worldwide locations for education. Families in New Zealand get excellent support from a range of public services, including access to welfare and support if someone has an accident or if a parent can’t work due to sickness or unemployment.

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