How To Survive Unpredictable Weather

Unfortunately, Summer doesn’t always mean sunshine every day, and even if it does, there are days when it can be too hot! Instead, what we experience is days when it’s too hot, days when it’s raining, heavy wind or even storms and flooding. It really is anyone’s guess what’s going to happen even with a whole host of weather apps, we never really know what it’s going to do. But, while unpredictable weather can ruin planned picnics or festivals, it can also be a lot of fun, and it’s good to have some backup plans just in case the weather doesn’t do what you want it to. Here are a few tips for you on How to Survive Unpredictable Weather.

How To Survive Unpredictable Weather
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  • Prep The House — Get fans in, don’t wait until that boiling hot day because they will have all sold out, go out and get some fans now. Similarly, make sure your storm-ready, don’t wait until your roof starts leaking, get a roofing company in now to make sure that your roof is secure and can withstand whatever’s coming your way. 
  • Have Backup Clothing — Whatever you go out in the morning in, it’s good to have a change of the opposite with you. So keep a pair of shorts with you in case it gets hotter later or keep a jacket with you in case it gets cooler. Keep them in the car or the office and that way if it is exceptionally hot and you sweat then you’ll have a fresh change of clothes which will make you feel better. 
  • Always Have An Umbrella — No matter what time of year it is, always have an umbrella, in your desk, in your car or in your bag. 
  • Wear Closed-toed Shoes — If there is a storm brewing, make sure your feet are protected as you could all of a sudden find yourself wading through four inches or jumping over huge puddles. 
  • Keep Sunscreen Nearby — Sunny or cloudy, make sure you are prepared and able to keep your skin protected from UV rays. 
  • Accessorize — Caps and sunglasses not only look good, but they also keep you protected from the sun. Even it’s not a particularly sunny day; it can still be very bright and important to wear sunglasses, especially when driving. 
  • Take Vitamins — Changes to the weather can mean that people start getting sick, it’s often due to a change in routine as well as the weather making them feel too hot and exhausted, so it’s important to look after yourself and take vitamins to try and prevent any illness
  • Stay Hydrated — As the weather gets hotter, you need to make sure you’re staying hydrated and drinking more water than usual. Drastic weather changes can lead to migraines as well so make sure you are keeping your fluids up to avoid this. 
  • Always Use Deodorant — Whether you’re jumping over puddles on your way home or waiting in line under the heat of the sun, you’re bound to get a little sweaty. Make sure you don’t end up with body odor issues and keep a deodorant with you to help you feel fresh and get you through the day!

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