Things to consider before a big move!

It happens a lot. We are sitting and dreaming about how we would be living if we moved to a different state, or perhaps even country. The thought pops up a few times, then more frequently – until you can no longer brush it off as a fleeting thought. But one that now needs some consideration. But how do you know when it is time to call in the moving companies and pack your most cherished possessions?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you are genuinely ready to make a move. 

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There are good reasons to move, and then some slightly ‘extra’ reasons. If you want to move because you are unhappy in other areas of your life, it might be that you need to address those. Humans often run away from things that aren’t making them happy. 

If it is about your current job, or relationship, then perhaps a move isn’t what you need. It might be about changing your career and the people you are around. 

If however, it is because you really don’t like the area, city or you have outgrown it – then maybe it really is time to start looking. 


If you really stop to think about what you are surrounded by now, what parts of it would you miss? This is important to think about so that you can make a list of what you need to have in your new area. 

Pay attention to people you will miss, the local shops, your favorite takeaway. They might not be reasons to stay, but if they are things that you really enjoy – consider them well. 

If you do move and find yourself at 9pm on a Friday with no one to hang out with, no Friday night takeaway and no corner shop local, and you’ve run out of milk, you’ll soon be deflated about the choices that you’ve made. 

You don’t need to replicate where you are now but just think about the things that you rely on and enjoy before taking a big step. 

What 2.0?

Aside from the smaller things that will change. What about if you have a family? You will need to remember that other things that are going to change will be schools, your job, and if you are moving country maybe even the language will improve. 

Some states and countries provide a better standard of living, and that can be an adjustment that should be easy, but in some cases, it can be a culture shock to you all. 

Long term planning is in your favor here. If you don’t have children yet, but might in the future, how are the local schools? How are the recreational activities? Could you see your family thriving there? 


The practical side of you will kick in now. How much money will it cost you to move? How are the job opportunities in the place that you want to move to? 

Can you spend time in the area before you make the commitment? 

Are you, and if you have one, your family is a good place emotionally and mentally to deal with everything that moving brings up? 

Once you have thought about your priorities, and you have more pros than cons in your list – it might just be time to start a serious search.  


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