How to Survive a Summer Heatwave

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a heatwave sweeping across the globe and it’s leaving a lot of us particularly hot and particularly ornery. Whether you’re hoping to have cool home to welcome some guests or simply looking for some comfort, you need to make sure your house is in top shape to handle the heat. Here are a few checks to make it through the heatwave, and to ensure you keep in mind for future summers, as well.

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Your roof

The roof over your head should be checked annually without fail, either before the summer or before the autumn, where the weather can have the most damaging effect. Small problems like cracked tiles can lead to big leaks, as well as big holes in your insulation, meaning that hot air can get in the house a lot more easily. This is essential summer maintenance so even if you can’t reach the roof yourself, you should consider hiring a professional to take a look every year.

 Your AC

This should be the major priority each summer, and amongst the first things you address as it can be expensive if issues are left to grow unchecked. Teams like Kaiser Air Conditioning can help you follow an annual maintenance and service checklist that keeps your appliances in better health for longer. Not only can you save money from avoiding more costly repairs down the line, but you can also ensure your AC is working as efficiently as possible by catching hiccups early.

Your windows

Think of your windows as the barrier keeping the hot air from intruding inward. Though we open them often to let the fresh air in, they’re great insulators, ensuring you have the right windows in. If your window has an air gap, caulking it up ASAP is wise. However, if its past its best days and no longer able to insulate the home as it once could, you may want to consider a replacement from teams like Conservation Construction. You might also want to consider swapping out your regular window treatments for insulating blinds that can add some real sun-stopping power.

Your pool

Of course, not everyone has one of these, but if you do, then you’re almost guaranteed to be using it. As such, you should also ensure it’s as clean and healthy as possible. Energy efficient pool pumps can be used to keep it cleaner without adding too much to your budget. You should also consider hiring a professional to check the chemical levels in the water or learn how to do it yourself if you don’t already. The manual cleaning of any debris you can handle yourself with the right pool brush and a few attachments, so no need to pay for that.

A healthy routine of house checks is going to help you ensure it remains as healthy and comfortable as possible. Not only can you better manage the extreme temperatures throughout the years, but you can make sure it’s protected from things like leaks, too, keeping you and your family safe.


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