How to Plan for Long Term Travel


Long-term travel is the dream for many of us, especially when we don’t have a lot of commitments holding us back. The idea of 6 months, a year, or an even longer time abroad can be appealing, as we will get the opportunity to see the world, experience new cultures, and learn more about ourselves in the process. If only we had the money to be able to do so.

Thankfully, there are ways to make long-term travel affordable, so if you do want to see more of the world, you don’t have to resign yourself to staying at home reading travelogues and watching travel shows on the TV as your only opportunities to do so.

Here are some ideas that should prove useful to you.

#1: Make savings where you can

We mean this in two ways.

Firstly, to fund your travel adventure, you will need to have some funds available to you, so research the places you want to go, figure out travel and accommodation costs, and then make every effort to save your money. This might mean eating out less and stopping your Netflix subscription (as well as making other sacrifices), but if you want to travel, you do need to make cutbacks somewhere.

Secondly, look at how you can make savings when you travel. So, taking a cue from our article on budget travel, when thinking about accommodation, you might forego hotel prices and opt for camping instead. You might want to book flights early to secure cheaper prices. Rather than bus-hopping your way around your chosen country, you might stay in one place longer to save yourself money on transport costs. And to save money on food, rather than suffering the expense of diners and restaurants, learn how to cook and grab yourself some cooking gear to carry with you on your travels.

#2: Make as much money as you can

Again, we mean this in two ways.

Firstly, before you travel, consider how you might make extra money to add to your funds. So, you might take on a side-hustle to add to your regular income, for example, and especially if you’re planning on volunteering for a good cause while abroad, you might also look at options for crowdfunding. Think about what you might sell too. If you have anything in your home that is surplus to your requirements, consider selling them on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, etc., to net yourself some extra cash. And if you are planning on traveling for well over a year, you might also do what many other long-term travelers do, and sell your house to fund your travels. You can do this quickly with a home-buying company. Do the same with your car if you aren’t intending to use it.

Secondly, think about making an income while you travel. You can do this passively by renting out your home (assuming you didn’t sell it), and you can do this actively by working while you’re abroad, perhaps freelancing your skills or taking on jobs as you travel from place to place. Take a look at these travel jobs, for example. 


Save money and make money; these are the key areas you need to focus on to make long-term travel affordable. You will then get the opportunity to see the world instead of experiencing it through the lens of others.

Let us know what you think, and if you have any other ideas, please share them in the comments section below.


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