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DIY Hacks to Freshen Up a New Home

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If you’ve ever moved into a new home, then you’ll know how lovely it feels. There’s just something so special about walking through the front door, breathing in the air, and knowing that you’re the first person to live here. It’s kind of like the new car smell, but magnified!  

Everything is so clean and pristine, and there are no lingering memories of other residents dotted around the place. It all feels so…new! 

On the other hand, when you move into a home that’s not new, you don’t get the same effect. It feels like someone else lived there, and this can make it hard to adjust. So, here are some home improvement hacks to make your property feel brand new. These hacks are perfect for anyone that’s just moved into a property, but they also work if you’ve lived in the same place for ages and want to refresh things a little bit. 

Here’s what you can do:

New paint job

Straight away, get a completely new paint job done on the entire property. I’m talking inside and out – it will go a long way to freshening up the home. You get rid of any chipped or flaky areas of pain, and you also remove the previous color scheme immediately. So, the home already feels more like a new one as you instantly change the appearance. Plus, from the outside, people can see that it looks a lot newer as well. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how affordable and easy it is to carry out this home improvement idea. Personally, I suggest doing the interior painting by yourself and leaving the outside to a professional. If you need help, here’s a video to show you how to paint rooms without creating a mess or mucking things up:

Upgrade the windows

Another thing you can improve is the window situation in your home. Old homes can be very outdated and have battered and bruised window fixtures. In fact, if your property is particularly old, it might still be rocking wooden windows. So, upgrade them today and make the windows look more modern. If you were to buy a brand new house, you’d notice the window fixtures are all made from UPVC and look so fresh and clean. Not only that, but the windows in new houses tend to be bigger or more prevalent. This is so they bring more natural light into the home, which is a big thing in modern interior design. Bear that in mind when upgrading your windows as adding a few more/making them bigger can help your property feel new. 

Air it out & use an air freshener

Often, the worst thing about moving home is that the property you end up in doesn’t smell like it’s new. New houses obviously have that lovely fresh new scent, but yours won’t. So, you need to try and recreate this as best as you can. Step one is to open all the windows in your home for a good few hours. This step will help air out your home and bring in the natural fresh air while removing the old smells. Step two is using a few of those plug-in air fresheners to give off a fresh scent in your property. Don’t use something to perfumey – go for something subtle like fresh linen or a similar scent. The combination of these two steps will leave your house feeling mightily fresh and smelling brand new!

Keep things minimalistic

What’s the best thing about new houses? For me, it’s how empty and decluttered they feel. When you move into a brand new home, you almost feel obliged to keep things as minimalistic as possible. The same should apply to your older home; don’t fill it with loads of clutter! Modern houses are designed to be quite bare as it allows the interior design to take over and create a lovely feeling. My advice is to be conservative with all the decorations and things you want to place around the home. Keep the walls as bare as can be – maybe have one photo collage on a wall or a piece of art on another. Don’t litter your living room with endless coffee tables or ornaments on a fireplace. If you stick to a minimalistic interior design trend, then your old home instantly looks and feels more contemporary. 

Ideally, we’d all move into brand new homes whenever we have to move. But, they’re expensive and in short supply, so we can’t. If you’re moving house to a previously owned property, then these ideas will help make your home feel new. Likewise, if you want to refresh your existing home, then feel free to use these ideas as well!


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