What to Pack on Your Next Adventure!

When you plan an amazing outdoor adventure with your family or a lone expedition, deciding on what to take with you can be a mammoth task. The worst thing to do is overpack, especially if you’re going on an expedition and will have to carry it with you wherever you go. There are a few basics that you should include wherever the location of your holiday may be, and these should help you make the most of your experience. If you want to know what to pack for your next outdoor trip, read the following tips to help you get started!

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Do Some Research

Before you even think about packing your bags, you have to do some research into the location you are visiting and what activities you will be doing during your trip. Read some blog posts from seasoned travellers that have visited the area, as they will provide you with the necessities and helpful information that can impact on your decisions. Check the usual temperatures and weather conditions of the time of year you are planning to visit, and purchase the necessary clothing to keep you comfortable in the different climate. Buy a pocket sized travel guide to refer back to when packing, as they come in handy when you want to see what the local people choose to wear. You must visit your doctor beforehand if you are visiting a more exoctic country, as there may be some medication or preventative measures you must take in order to stay safe and free from illness or disease.

The Basics

A few basic items should make up every suitcase, wherever you might be going. Pack at least 4 pairs of clean underwear and socks, with a minimum of one t shirt, a pair of trousers, shorts, swimming gear, waterproof jacket, sunglasses and a towel of some kind. Invest in some walking boots as they are suitable for any climate and will be your saving grace when visiting wet or rocky areas. Bring sufficient hygiene products, preferably those made of natural ingredients so you do not cause any harm to the wildlife or natural beauty of the location you visit.

Any Helpful Extras

Once you have the basics covered, you need to consider any extras you might need that are specific to your location or chosen activities. Hiking poles will assist you during any expeditions on foot, and can collapse to a much smaller size in order to easily fit inside your bag. Put in a bit of thought but don’t be excessive, try to keep it to the minimum amount and ask yourself whether you really do need to pack every item you consider. If it serves an important purpose and can aid your overall enjoyment of the trip, just pack it!

Every outdoor holiday has the potential of being a once in a lifetime experience. When you pack the right things to take along, you enable yourself to make the most of every part of your journey and be completely comfortable at the same time.

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