How to WOW Your Guests this Summer!

When we invite people into our homes, we all secretly want them to be impressed. Whether it’s a formal dinner party where everyone is dressed up, and we’ve put a lot of effort into the menu or a relaxed coffee after a day out, we want them to look at our home and be impressed with what they see. We want them to ask where we bought things or who came up with the idea for our decor. If it’s a dinner party, we want our food to take their breath away. We want them to be amazed by what we’ve created and keen to come back for more.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. You can put hours and hours of planning in. Or spend a long time designing the perfect lounge for a relaxed afternoon with friends, for them to leave without really taking anything in. Sure, they’ve had a lovely time and enjoyed the food and company, but did they really notice anything specific? Did you wow them? Or did they just see another house, like every other one on the street?

Sometimes, if you want your home to be remembered, and to make an impression, it’s not about the big things. The elements that you might think add the wow factor, often aren’t. Usually, the best way to wow guests in your home is by making them feel welcome and comfortable, being able to relax in a home that isn’t your own isn’t always easy, and isn’t a given, even if you’ve known the owner for a very long time and consider them a good friend. So, if you can make someone feel truly comfortable in your house, you’ve already gone a long way to wowing them, helping them to remember your home, and even boosting your relationships. Then, just a few finishing touches can make all of the difference. Here’s a look at some of the easiest ways to wow visitors to your home.

Get the Entrance Right


There’s very little more annoying when visiting someone else home than ringing the doorbell and standing around for ages wondering if it worked if you should knock or even call them to make sure that they are in. And yet, a vast number of us have doorbells that don’t work. The batteries run out or the wiring is faulty, and we leave them. We don’t take the bell off the front of our house. We just assume that they will knock when it doesn’t work. But, this means making them wait.

If you’ve got a doorbell that doesn’t work, take the time to fix it. If you’d rather not, it’s better to remove it entirely than leave it there not working.

Then, once they are in your house, your entrance makes an impression. It should be welcoming and free of clutter. It’s also a good idea to add a shoe rack and coat hooks or a stand so that they can take off their coat and bag, and have somewhere easy to leave their shoes without having to awkwardly ask or look around for the right thing to do.

Make Them a Great Coffee


Whatever the reason for inviting guests into your home, there is usually one thing in common. You’ll always offer them a hot drink. Whether they are there for a meeting, a dinner or an informal chat and playdate, you’ll offer them a cup of coffee while they are in your home. Cheap instant coffee isn’t ever going to make an impression. Invest in a dedicated frother, and you’ll be able to give them barista style coffee without the fuss of a large machine or expensive equipment. Good coffee can be a great talking point, it can help guests to feel more relaxed, and it can get your home remembered.

Clean Towels

Most of us fail to change the towels in our home anywhere near often enough. They get damp all of the time, and they are just left to dry before being used again. This can cause your bathrooms to smell musty and unclean.

Change all of your towels before guests visit, even the ones that they won’t have to use, and your bathroom will look and smell clean, fresh and hygienic. You should also make sure your bathroom has a small bin, that’s been emptied, and is well stocked when it comes to soap and hand cream.

The Right Temperature

The temperature plays a big part in the comfort of our homes, and it can be a very personal thing. If you are a cold person and tend to have your heating turned up high, other people might be uncomfortable and warm. Alternatively, if you are hot, you might not have the heat on at all, meaning that guests either have to ask you to turn it on or sit shivering until you notice.

Adjust your heating, so it’s a comfortable temperature, around the 70-degree mark. You can even ask them if they are too hot and cold if you prefer. If this is too cool for you, add a jumper.

Make Sure It Smells Nice

We’ve looked at making your bathroom smell fresher with clean towels, but how the rest of your home smells will also make an impression on your guests. If you are cooking, the smell of the food will carry, so consider them when making menu choices. If not, open the windows before the guests arrive to make the house smell fresher, and add some air-fresheners, but try to keep the scents mild and avoid anything too overpowering.

Have a Spare Bed


If your guests are still around late into the night, you might want to be able to offer them a space to sleep. So, it’s essential that you’ve got a place to sleep. If you haven’t got a spare room, a sofa bed can be great. If this isn’t an option, make sure your own room is clean and has fresh bedding so that you can offer it.

If they are staying over, make sure you afford them some opportunities for privacy. Don’t crowd them when they are getting ready for bed or first thing in the morning. Give them some space to get ready on their own, and give them plenty of time to use the bathroom if you’ve only got one.

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