Another beautiful space done by the fabulous Phoebe Howard!  I adore this home and everything in it…

Let’s start with this amazing Phoebe Howard bathroom. Her design style is bold. The blue color aligns well with water and white glorifies context even further.

Let’s talk about our favorite Southern interior designer Phoebe Howard and her book “The Principals of Pretty Rooms”.

Phoebe has a warm, welcoming style of talking about interior design and her book gets into fine details of colors, fabrics, and the magic shots you can use to make your rooms look pretty.

As Phoebe defines pretty, “I just think pretty is a crowd-pleaser and something that just basically anybody can accept and understand, and it brings happiness and joy,”. You can check her store here.

I’ll call Phoebe a problem solver interior designer. She has worked across the nation and decorated houses on beach lines, country homes, and city homes/apartments. Her interior design techniques don’t change much but how she applies them changes where she is decorating. This is how she describes her design philosophy in her book.

“I wanted to divide the book into three sections: Beach, City, and Country. I realized that while I was traveling all over the U.S. and doing all kinds of projects in different regions and styles, I used the same principles to still make it pretty. Whether I was doing a modern apartment, really rustic country house or a casual beach house, I was employing all the same techniques and basically just tweaking it for each location. That’s what I break down in the the book, all the things that you can do regardless of your setting, budget or style to achieve a pretty environment.”

Sometimes, going with the flow becomes a bold statement. In interior design, symmetry commands symmetry. When a room has a symmetrical architecture, the best pairing is a symmetrical interior design.

Let’s keep visiting Phoebe Howard bedrooms. I love the various seating areas in the bedroom.  Lots of cozy spots to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine:)

The white color scheme for outdoor sitting with its contrasts with green in the background and stone surrounding. Phoebe Howard’s themes speak of innovation.

Phoebe Howard living room design shows classic settings with bold use of brown.

Phoebe Howard coastal blues example here. This room is one of her coastal house designs as we can see the light colors and blue.

this kitchen is absolute perfection….

Phoebe Howard kitchens are a part of the greater scheme of interior design for the house. Here, she has designed a custom stove hoo, light colors, the dining table light that populates just rightly the vast empty space in the kitchen. IT IS PERFECT!!!

phoebe howard living room

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