MAVERICK-A Book Review

So my good friend Paul wrote a book…and it’s fantastic!!!  Get your copy here—> MAVERICK

A nameless hero sets down his Scotch and fried bologna and leaves the comfort of his local Moose lodge in search of the truth. What he finds is that not everything is as it seems, that movie stars are people too, and that he should have never left that barstool. MAVERICK is a witty, sarcastic, and dark comedy that follows the week of an overweight, unambitious middle-aged man who cannot escape the past, doesn’t care about the future, and until he accidentally hits a celebrity with a pickup truck, was completely uninterested in the present. Heroin, booze, violence and even murder are not safe from the sarcastic tongue of the narrator as the story unfolds and secrets are revealed. MAVERICK is a fast paced, witty, oddball read that will keep you turning pages until you know the truth.

Ruel Watkins is a serial entrepreneur, world traveler, and a lifetime member of the Loyal Order of Moose. Seriously. MAVERICK is his first novel, but he has read books before. He spends his time visiting Moose lodges across the United States, searching for answers to the questions that bother us all. His second novel will be available in the winter of 2018.


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