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CATERING, MEAL PREP & MEAL DELIVERY TAMPA Serving Downtown Tampa, Channelside, SOHO,Davis Island, Harbour Island, and Ybor City! Ricotta-Meatballs-2-2

We have several different options when it comes to choosing your weekly meal.  All of our meals are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and prepared with the utmost care.  We believe everyone should have access to healthy meals, and it’s our mission to change the way people eat!  If you have specific dietary needs or fitness goals, we will work with you one on one to prepare a specific meal plan just for you! Call/Text 757-812-1072 or Email us with questions!  bakedinthesouth35@gmail.com
How it works
1) You pick your meal plan (either a 2 person plan or 4 person plan)
2) You order your plan below and pay via paypal
3) Email/Text us your order by Friday (your account is charged each Friday).  Meals are cooked fresh Sunday and Tuesday.  Pick up & delivery is on Monday & Wednesday





Meal Prep Tampa

Super Food Salad
Special Dietary Options
Paleo Power
Similar to our classic menu, we adjust each of our meals to fit the Paleo lifestyle. We subsitute non-paleo ingredients with the paleo version.  Grain free & dairy free & filled with Protein and complex carbs!
The Veggie
We offer several vegetarian and vegan options.  Just let us know your specifications and we will accommodate your needs!
Gluten Free Goddess
Our menu can also be adjusted to be gluten free! But please remember that our food is cooked in a commercial kitchen where gluten may be present.


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