Voldemort, Kobe Meatloaf, and a Birthday Dinner for 9

I have a love hate relationship with birthdays….they bring up many painful memories, and also remind me it’s an opportunity to start a new year…

with new goals…

and I have decided to live my life with intention.

and shift my perception.

to be happy where I am with what I have.

and be thankful for the lessons I have learned.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason.  no matter how painful or difficult.  and I have to remind myself of this daily.



Voldemort took me out to Schlesinger’s for a nice birthday lunch…I know…it’s bad…but he pays for my kobe meatloaf.

so we hang out:)


and we share fish tacos…

Blackened Fish Tacos

and he does still love me with all of his heart…and I love him. with every ounce of myself…

now on to my birthday dinner.

we had 9 at bonefish and it was a total blast.  I love these girls…  they save me from myself:)









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