My Weekend Binge | Beach, Food, and Friends


but first, you need to listen to this song…


and this is Louis…He gets me through some rough days

But yesterday he smashed my iPhone and almost severed my finger going after another dog on our walk.  He’s really bad…but I love him to pieces…



my mantra for the day…

The girls and I went to Paradise Ocean Club this weekend for a friend’s birthday.  I loved this palm tree…


my beautiful friend and partner in crime… Mona

She’s from Germany and has a thick accent and when people asks her where she’s from and she tells them “lower alabama”

I think it’s f’n hysterical:)
image image

and that’s my other beautiful friend Stephanie.


and here is my weekend binge….

reuben sandwich from Foodcraft…

it was ridiculous.

we started chatting to a girl sitting next to us.  she was alone and we asked her where she was from.  she was going through a divorce, her husband was in maryland, she had two small girls and was in the middle of trying to move and get closer to her family in California.  I can’t imagine being alone with two small children trying to move across the country.  I can’t even get myself to the grocery store half the time.  so when I have a rough day, I need to think of her.  things could be a whole hell of a lot worse…


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