Pork Sliders and a Party

so here we are having some snacks on the patio downstairs… Pork Barbecue Sliders and yes, I was with Voldemort… and yes, these pork sliders were totally worth it:)  I only had one bite though…I’m on a diet remember?   anyway… on the bright side… I received this lovely note in the mail today from my darling niece.  she is hosting a “family party” and I was lucky enough to get on the guest list.  she is 5 and has already learned the art of hand written letters, so of course I quickly wrote her back.  I hope we can have years of letters back and forth…I just love her to pieces… image and this is my fantastic friend Anne Lindsay!  I just love that she has two names like me:)  she is totally fabulous:) we attended a Rotary event together and although it was quite dull, we of course turned things up a notch;)  image


and keep this in mind should this ever happen to you… image

and lastly…my favorite song:)


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