Hey Bartender…

so as you know it’s my 34th birthday week.  I decided that one day for your birthday is nowhere near enough, so I plan out the entire week with events every night….

I am attention whore…I know….it’s completely overboard, but my friends love it, so that’s what we do….

so last night was VIP section at PBR (Professional Bull Riding)

it’s a bar downtown…and they have a bull…so I thought it would be fun.

and it was:)

here is what I binged on before going out…italian sub with sweet potato fries…my favorite binge ever…

Italian Sub


so anywho…  I made reservations for the vip section at pbr.  we had champagne and played pool and rode the bull…it was fun.




the girls…


me pounding champagne…
bathroom selfie… I couldn’t resist…they say that’s what girls do in the bathroom, which never made any sense to me, but whatev’

so we did one just for fun…


and I saw this on pinterest today and had to share…


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