Voldemort, Fishing Lures and a Texas Margarita

I just loved this:)



oh first…let me take a #selfie

got my hair did this past week…I’m still adjusting

and I love to accessorize with a giant set of hoops.  I think of them as fishing lures…the boys can’t help but stare;)  it’s like… “oh look!!! something shiny!!!”

I have the worst luck with boys, so I have to use fishing lure earrings…tragic, I know….



and there is nothing better in this world than a jumbo texas margarita…with salt…

oh yes, and you see my boo, aka “he who shall not be named”, aka Voldemort, there in the background…he’s haunting me….but he also likes to drink Margarita’s with me…so we compromise:)

and share cheese dip…


and then I have to swing these bad boys around twice a week to burn off all the margaritas…


love y’all…thanks for listening


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