Dave’s Smoked Country Ham Recipe

Dave’s Smoked Country Ham
In his own words when I asked how he made it:)
“The country ham? This is kind of my own experimenting. ”

“It was just a 7 lb shank end of whole country ham. Soaked overnight in water to get rid of some of the salt. Set up big green egg at 225 degrees. Put ham on rack, set rack in drip pan with water in it. covered ham/rack  with aluminum foil-keeps ham moist . didn’t put any seasoning on ham. Cook skin side up. At 225 takes about an hour per pound till reach 165.


I didn’t add any smoke chips but my egg has a lot of old hickory flavor to it but not too strong since I didn’t add any new chips.

That’s it. add some water once or twice . Take out at 165, cut off skin. Sit 15 min covered with foil.

Slow cooking over water comes out moist.
If you want a fancy look, after take out of egg and cut skin off, make a honey /butter topping in pan on stove. Put on ham after skin off. Make knife slit pattern in ham for effect. Put in broiler till top sauce browns. Take out. put pineapple rings on top and cherry in middle of each. I didn’t do the last part.”



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