How To Style A Bookcase

How To Style A Bookcase

I finally got some new bookcases for my office and quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing!  So to Pinterest I went to get some inspiration!  Here are my favorites:
Stacking books at different heights and adding small nicknacks, frames, or collectibles to add texture & layers.
How To Style A Bookcase
Another trick is to either paint the back of the bookcase or cover it with fabric.  I love this look!
How To Style A Bookcase
How To Style A Bookcase
She turned the books backwards in this one and added lots of textures & layers! Love it!
You can also cover books with matching wrapping paper or matching fabrics!
How To Style A Bookcase
How To Style A Bookcase
this one has a fabric backing!  I love the greek key print!
they took the back off this bookcase to showcase the paint color!  another great idea!
 Wish me luck!

Leave me a comment below if you try these styles!  Be sure to pin the image to save it to your Pinterest boards!

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How To Style A Bookcase


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