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DIY Painted Chalkboard Tutorial

Here is my DIY Painted Chalkboard Tutorial.  I loved this quote from Julia Child. She is my favorite chef of all time! So I decided to make a chalkboard frame for my kitchen.  
DIY Painted Chalkboard Tutorial
I purchased this painting at a thrift store for $9.00
I spray painted the frame with gold spraypaint and painted over the painting with this chalkboard paint!
Printed out the quote from my printer
I colored chalk on the back of the paper and taped it to the chalkboard, then traced the letters with a ballpoint pen.
DIY Painted Chalkboard Tutorial
The letters show up very light, then just fill them in with chalk!
DIY Painted Chalkboard Tutorial
DIY Painted Chalkboard Tutorial
DIY Painted Chalkboard Tutorial
I just love how it turned out!!!!
I got my inspirations from one of my favorite bloggers Dear Lillie!  She is a Virginia girl as well!  Check out her site for these fabulous printables
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DIY Chalkboard Tutorial

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  2. I just discovered your site & so far love this idea of using an old painting. I’ve been wanting to make something like this for my kitchen. I also love your freezer cooking series. Can’t wait to try. I tried to sign up for your newsletter but got a feed burner message saying it wasn’t activated. I wonder if you can help, hope it is available. Thanks

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