Super Bowl Sunday!

Weekend outlook as Super Bowl nears

I am not a huge a football fan, but I do love an excuse to make tons of yummy food!

and stare at Tom Brady:)  Of course I am a Patriots fan! 

We started our day with Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes with New Hampshire Maple Syrup and Smithfield Bacon.  The syrup is from our family friend’s cattle farm: Star Lake Farm.  Everytime I make pancakes it reminds me of my mother making big breakfasts on the weekend.  I plan to cook & eat all day!  

In my Jessie Steele apron of course!


The Jessie Steele apron make the front cover of our Junior League cookbook!  “My Mama Made That-Virginia Favorites”  It is my personal favorite and has tons of quick weeknight recipes!

Here is our gameday spread!!!!

and a sleepy King Louis!

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